« Valorize products from
of local agriculture, too
often transformed far
production areas. »

L’Etuverie (“The Steamer”) is the story of two longstanding friends: Nicolas and Fabien.

For many years, they’d wanted to showcase local products, which are too often transformed far from where they’re produced.

The light bulb went off during a trip to Asia, where they discovered black garlic and its many qualities (both nutritional and gustatory). They decided to apply this ancestral tradition to garlic from their home region of Lomagne. L’Etuverie was set up on the family farm where Nicolas grew up, an organic farm that is still operating.

Passionate about high-quality regional products, they are very careful about decisions related to their product and display an acute interest in the expertise of the farmers and producers with whom they work.

All of the garlic is organic and comes from farms in the Gers region. It goes through a rigorous sorting and selection process, as per the L’Etuverie’s demanding specifications.

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Ail noir - Black Garlic - L'étuverie - Bulbe
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